29 July 2012

Last day of GUADEC ahead...

After three intense days, which feel as full as a week and quick as a minute; after beautiful talks (not as many as I had hoped to have time or strength for), addictive chats (I did not expect as many, I want more!), great parties (thank you, organizing committee), games to rival the Olympics (thank you, Game Master! Also: we won!), general hacking (thank you yet another time, Tiffany; and thank you to Ryan and Colin who helped us), and last but not least incredible people, GUADEC 2012 will end today. It will be missed...

And at 3:30pm and something I will present my lightning talk on The 0 Beginners Tutorial for using GTK+ in Python. Feel free to come and/or to ask me about the content of the talk when you see me around... I surely have a lot of question for you if you are interested in the subject, since the tutorial is a work in progress and I am always trying to improve it!

and I love every minute of it!

25 July 2012

Greetings from A Coruña.

I am getting used to eating dinner at 9:30pm (as opposed to 7:00pm, like we usually do in London).

Now I am waiting for the pre-registration event, for my mentor to arrive, for the conference to start!

And of course there are at least two talks I want to attend that are scheduled at the same time...