Which dinner?

You might be wondering why I chose this title for my blog.

Some time ago I found a post about a 1967 article in Cosmopolitan (yes, that Cosmo) in which some classical stereotypes about women were used to prove that women are 'naturals' at programming.

The latter sentence was attributed to one of the "Computer girls" interviewed for the article: Grace Hopper.

There are the feminist issues in that post that I really care about; as a woman and as a human being in general. And there is also this bit (above), which might sound funny and antiquated:

"It's just like planning a dinner," explains Dr.Grace Hopper [...] "You have to plan ahead and schedule everything so it's ready when you need it. Programming requires patience and the ability to handle detail."

I love to cook. The careful scheduling (I'm a Napoleonic general in my kitchen), the last-minute adjustments to unforeseen events, the details. And reading that post I realised that that's why I love the world of coding.

So, planning a dinner.

Just tell me your allergies, I will do my best. Have a seat. The amuse-bouche are here.

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