29 September 2012

Long time...

...no blog.

Sorry. I was taking a holiday (it went very well), then trying to resuscitate my Java (it's feeling a bit better, I should learn to use github well and put what I did there soon), then seeing a lot of doctors (nothing serious, just many little nuisances that amounted to a lot of time wasted).

Now I have enrolled in Christian Hergert's C class. I can't wait for the fun to start... I cannot thank Christian enough for his dedication to this (huge) endeavour. And my first mentor (a long story, one that tells how I really got into programming in the first place) tells me that I should give Go a try - and I want to.

Last but not least, my PhD has started again. The notorious Scarf's Lemma has resurfaced again, and so has the PPAD complexity class. Fingers crossed...

[Fun, totally uncorrelated, fact: I looked for Scarf's Lemma on Wikipedia, and I found a picture of Scarf. And he looks a lot like Fran├žois Truffaut - don't you think?]


  1. Good luck with the university thing! It looked interesting.

  2. Thank you! My starting point is "On Scarf and Sperners Oiks" by Jack Edmonds, which promises to be a very interesting article... and not impossible to understand in a relatively short time.

    The bad cough that has been bothering me for the last two weeks is also disappearing, so soon I will stop taking the medications which are making me sleep about 14 hours a day; it should increase my productivity drastically. ;-) (I looked for the molecule - Pholcodine - on wikipedia: it's illegal in the USA. I get it almost for free and legally - if prescribed, of course. And I cannot see how someone would want to drink it recreationally, if only because it tastes like fake aniseed that tries - and fails - to hide a bad bitter taste.)