22 February 2013

Ready for Brno? I hope so!

In the last week I revised as much Python 3 as I could, and I tried to teach myself the basics of JavaScript. And let's not forget Mallard!

The (Not So Evil) Plan:

  • To give a closure to that Python tutorial! If it is possible to give a closure to something... ;-)
  • To help as far I can, particularly with the other developer tutorials (thus particularly with the JavaScript tutorial).
  • To tackle Izidor Matušov (again, as far as I can: I remember that he is quite tall) and start working on Getting Things GNOME, finally.
  • To have fun! Well, that's always part of the plan...

Will I be able to follow my plan? In everything? At least in part? Will I freeze in the -11°C I read about on BBC Weather?

More news to follow...

1 comment :

  1. BBC is wrong, it is only -3/-2 at the moment in Brno :)