26 April 2014

The poster!

Finally, my poster for PyCon 2014!

The idea

Follow the arrows to plan your excursions among the red (very important) and green (but do also this, sooner or later) topics. Solid arrow: you will need to know the first topic to understand the next one. Dashed arrow: the first topic could help you understand the next one.

The resources

Below each topic, a list of the resources where you can study the topic. The best ones for each topic are marked in boldface. The resources have been reviewed on this blog, and they are

And more

The blue boxes on the top left corner represent five useful topics that don't belong in a particular path; sometimes (command line, git, regular expressions) are not to be studied in one session - or maybe not even in consecutive sessions. Get there, but you will get there when you will get there.

And now...

(Click for a larger image. If you want an even larger version, drop me an email.)

And yes, that's Grumpy Cat. My secret weapon.

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